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About a year ago SA Webhosts decided to get rid of their online website builder in the Extend CP. This builder was old, out of date and becoming obsolete. The decision left our customers with a void which we tried to fill with an offline website builder called Mobirise.

Although Mobirise is a very nice website builder we did not realize that the licence would only be for 1 year and a lot of our customers struggled specifically with publishing their sites. This made us very determined to come up with an online solution and we did!

Introducing our sister company... ItSoEzi.

We called this webiste because it is exactly that EZI. ItSoEzi provides our clients with a free online website builder which can be connected to their hosting accounts and allows them to use their own domain name. This is similar to Wix and other online platforms but it is FREE although only for SA Webhosts clients. People who do not host with SA Webhosts can also make use of this builder but at a premium thus providing us with an additional stream of income.

We believe that the ItSoEzi website builder is a great solution for novice developers and pros alike.

Give it a try, you won't be sorry!


Clarens Golf & Leisure Estate, Clarens, Freestate, South Africa, 9707

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